Wholesum Organic Dolci Belles Italian Peppers

Greenhouse-grown items provide sweetness instead of spice
Wholesum Dolci Belles Italian Sweet Peppers Main Image

Wholesum, a Fair Trade Certified grower and shipper of organic farm-fresh vegetables, has introduced a pack of Italian sweet peppers, Dolci Belles, as part of the company’s strategy to focus on organic greenhouse-grown varieties that bring an enhanced experience to the consumer. Italian sweet peppers have a distinctive long, conical shape, a crisp texture and a surprisingly sweet flavor. Wholesum’s versatile peppers have firm but thin walls, with few seeds that are clustered at the top rather than down the center, making them a good choice for stuffing, roasting, sautéeing, and eating raw in salads and as part of veggie trays. Through multiple production trials paired with market insights to determine product viability, Wholesum’s team selected the top sweet Italian pepper varieties offering consistent sizing, shelf life, aesthetic qualities and, most importantly, flavor. Dolci Belles are available in 3-count bags of mixed red and yellow peppers, retailing for a suggested $4.79. Each bag sports an eye-catching, colorful design, in addition to a QR code with recipe ideas for inspiration.

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