What’s Trending in Grocery Packaging Design

What’s Trending in Grocery Packaging Design
Chicago-based crowdspring helps companies through the packaging-design process

Packaging is often what catches the customer’s eye first and draws them in to take a look. There are companies that provide a myriad of package types for various needs. After choosing a package, supermarkets may question how to determine which designs and graphics are most impactful or most suitable. There are companies that can assist all through the design process.

One example is Chicago-based crowdspring, an online marketplace for creative services such as logos, graphics and product design, as well as naming. Since its launch, crowdspring has helped more than 55,000 entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and nonprofits with their creative needs.

“Crowdspring helps companies in the U.S. and all over the world with, among other things, packaging design and package graphics,” said Ross Kimbarovsky, the company’s founder and CEO. He started crowdspring in 2008 to bring together clients and designers.

Supermarkets may be one of the most frequent users of packaging. The packaging and design world have changed over the past few years. One area in particular where supermarkets are constantly presenting packaging to customers is bakery/deli.

“The biggest change we’ve seen in bakery/deli packaging over the past year is the push towards eco-conscious packaging,” Kimbarovsky noted. “We’re seeing more multiuse packaging, such as food wraps made from beeswax, and nonplastic alternatives that can be used to store sandwiches.”

In the meat and seafood departments, Kimbarovsky said that vegans and vegetarians are exerting some influence, with companies looking for meat-based alternatives “that promote healthier eating, or brands that promote and follow compassionate animal-welfare standards. These alternatives must be smartly presented to the general public, and companies are increasingly using packaging to promote and emphasize social causes, and package labels to tell a compelling story. Good product packaging design is good business.”

There’s one trend all product design and manufacturing companies are seeing: “Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging, and companies are responding,” Kimbarovsky said.


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