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Walmart vs. Amazon: Where Are Shoppers Spending Money This Holiday Season?

Walmart vs. Amazon: Where are Shoppers Spending Money This Holiday Season?
When asked to choose which three retailers will receive most of their holiday spending, consumers chose, Walmart and Target as their top three options

Market research firm Field Agent has released its 2019 holiday preview, "An Omnichannel Christmas." The top gift retailers probably come as no surprise to most, but grocery paints a different picture.

Five studies of more than 4,000 U.S. Christmas shoppers looked into spending habits. When consumers were given the option to choose which three retailers will receive most of their holiday spending, three retailers rose to the top: (64%), Walmart (62%) and Target (44%). Kohl's came in fourth, down at 17%, and Best Buy rounded out the top five, at 10%.

As for purchasing foods, snacks, beverages and ingredients for holiday celebrations, shoppers were asked to choose which one retailer will receive most of their spending. Walmart was far and away the top performer, at 48%, while Amazon was nowhere to be found on the top 10 list, coming in at only 2%.

The top 10 grocery stores were:

  • 1. Walmart (48%)

    2. Target (9%)

    3. Kroger (9%)

    4. Other (5%) 

    5. Aldi (5%)

  • 6. Costco (4%)

    7. H-E-B (3%)

    8. Publix (3%)

    9. Meijer (3%)

    10. Sam's Club (3%)

“It was really enlightening to see all the different forms holiday shopping takes: gifts, groceries and even pets. Clearly, the 'fur baby' phenom continues, and retailers
better be ready for stocking-stuffer shoppers," said Lesley Webb, VP, operations for Fayetteville, Ark.-based Field Agent. "Walmart looks to be the clear winner on holiday groceries, and Amazon for gifts.”

As for what will be consumed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the top five choices added up to an eclectic mix, with 74% saying freshly baked cookies (not packaged), 64% saying soda/pop, 57% saying freshly baked pie, 56% saying chocolate candy, and 51% saying chips.

Candy/chocolate/gum topped the list of things shoppers plan to put in their children's Christmas stockings, at 78%, while packaged snacks (not bars) also made the top 10 list, at No. 6, with 41%.

A list of top baking, beverage and snack brands — along with top gifts — to be purchased over the holidays can be found in the complete holiday preview.

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