Vestia Vacuum-Sealable Dry Food Storage Containers

In response to consumer demand for more environmentally friendly food storage options, the Vestia brand has introduced Vestia-Vac, a series of stackable, automatic vacuum-sealable dry food storage containers.

Designed to preserve food five times longer, reduce waste and help consumers save money, Vestia-Vac features a removable, battery-powered vacuum sealer that attaches to the top of every container, completes the process, then automatically detaches.

These new refrigerator- and dishwasher-safe containers are available in the following options:

  • Vestia Container System — Contains one Vestia Vac, one 1-liter container, one 1.5-liter container, and one 2-liter container. SRP is $49.99
  • Additional Vestia-Vac — Does not include container or lid. SRP is $19.99.
  • Vestia Individual Containers — $12.99 for the 1-liter container, $14.99 for the 1.5-liter container, and $16.99 for the 2-liter container
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