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Vallarta Supermarkets Debuts New HQ

Santa Clarita facility created to foster innovation, collaboration, community engagement
Vallarta Supermarket HQ Santa Clarita Main Image
Vallarta Supermarkets' new facility, in Santa Clarita, Calif., was designed to support the Hispanic grocer’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and community engagement.

Hispanic grocery retailer Vallarta Supermarkets recently held a grand-opening event for its new office headquarters in Santa Clarita, Calif. The new facility was designed to support Vallarta’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and community engagement. At the June 17 grand-opening celebration, the company gave donation checks to Santa Clarita Food Pantry and Santa Clarita Grocery. 

The 51,350-square-foot facility includes a double-height lobby reception space and three floors of office space with 78 offices, 166 workstations, collaboration and focus spaces, eight conference rooms, six focus booths, open lounge spaces, and communal gathering tables throughout the space.

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Among the site’s features and amenities are:

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  • A home kitchen-inspired breakroom: A 1,500-square-foot space with large communal tables for socializing and celebrating.
  • A test kitchen: A 965-square-foot area for creating in-house products and recipes.
  • An executive suite: This includes a lounge space for hosting special events, including a tequila-tasting room.
  • Sustainability initiatives: The new headquarters integrates various sustainability features to promote environmental stewardship and employee well-being.
  • Low-carbon materials: Advanced low-carbon concrete and structural timber are used.
  • Energy efficiency: Electrified operations are powered by 100% renewable energy, dynamic lighting and green roofs with native plants.
  • Healthy indoor environment: Materials have been selected to minimize harmful chemicals, including recycled PET plastic in acoustic ceiling baffles and more than 70% recycled materials in carpets.
  • Water conservation: Advanced water-recycling systems include low-flow fixtures exceeding EPA requirements and rainwater capture.

The office design, led by national interdisciplinary design firm HGA with contributions from Agency Artifact, Simon S. Wong & Associates, Ricca Design Studios, and Graves Construction, aims to evoke the feel of a beach resort through the use of soft colors, natural materials and living plants. Key design elements include abstract shapes inspired by the Vallarta logo and an abstract art installation of sea birds in the lobby ceiling, lending the space a playful yet sophisticated ambiance.

Vallarta operates more than 50 stores throughout California’s Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tulare, Orange and Fresno counties, and employs more than 8,000 associates. 

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