V-Day Still Prime Occasion for Chocolate and Candy

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V-Day Still Prime Occasion for Chocolate and Candy National Confectioners Association
Eighty-six percent of Americans intend to share a gift of chocolate and candy this V-Day, as indicated in the latest report from National Confectioners Association.

Despite a lingering public-health crisis that Americans have been told will get worse before it gets better, Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy can enable loved ones to connect and spark moments of joy during a worrisome period, according to a report from the National Confectioners Association (NCA). In fact, the trade association found that a whopping 86% of Americans intend to share a gift of chocolate and candy this V-Day.

“Throughout the pandemic, one thing that has remained consistent is that Americans appreciate chocolate and candy for the sense of comfort they bring during challenging times,” affirmed John Downs, president and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based NCA. “The confectionery category remains resilient as people find new and creative ways to incorporate chocolate and candy into their celebrations of holidays and special moments like Valentine’s Day.”

Additional facts uncovered by NCA’s research:

  • 84% of Americans believe that chocolate and candy are a fun part of special celebrations, among them Valentine’s Day.
  • 87% of Americans enjoy seasonal Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy.
  • When asked how they choose an item from a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, 50% of Americans said that they find the “map” and carefully choose one, 31% said that they randomly pick one, 13% said that they bite the corner to determine the filling, and 6% poke the bottom to determine the flavor.
  • In a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, people said they look for the following: caramel, as identified by 32% of respondents; chocolate-covered nuts, at 24%; chocolate-filled candy, at 21%; cream-filled candy, at 11%; coconut, at 9%; and other, at 3%.
  • Most people in the United States eat chocolate and candy two to three times a week, averaging about 40 calories per day and about 1 teaspoon of added sugar daily.

Confections are produced in all 50 states, creating jobs for about 55,000 workers in more than 1,300 manufacturing facilities across the country, according to NCA.

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