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Using AI-Driven Software to Increase Sales in Wine, Beer and Spirits




The future of wine, beer and spirits shopping will likely take place in a retail environment enhanced by digital technologies. Disruptive food retailers are using smart software to capture these sales, optimize inventories and create customer loyalty.  AI can learn individual shopper preferences across categories, enabling merchants to provide personalized shopping experiences and empower shoppers to discover and purchase with confidence.

Join Pam Dillon, CEO of Preferabli and Jason Wehle, Vice President, Digital and eCommerce Technology at Wegmans, to discuss how grocery retailers can leverage machine learning to increase sales in wine, beer and spirits. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Build and leverage the industry’s deepest data set
  • Acquire new shoppers in-store and online
  • Develop lasting loyalty through 1:1 customer experience
  • Match each store’s assortment to your customer base



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