Uber Eats Rolling Out Must-Have Grocery Features

Updates aimed at saving money and time will appear on app this or next year
Bridget Goldschmidt
Managing Editor
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Uber Eats is adding a range of new features to its app this year and the next, including the ability for SNAP recipients to use their benefits to access fresh groceries.

Uber Eats has revealed new features that will be included in its app either later this year or in 2024. The features, which have the aim of saving customers money and time, are as follows.

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  • SNAP/EBT: SNAP recipients will have the ability to use their benefits to access fresh groceries conveniently from the Uber Eats app in 2024.
  • Health Care Benefit Payments: The company is working with Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to support benefits such as FSA Cards, Flex Cards and relevant waiver payments on Uber, with select payment methods slated to be available in 2024. 
  • AI Assistant: Customers will be able to find and order anything easily with a new AI-powered conversational shopping experience, due later this year. Consumers will be able to chat with the AI assistant to discover new dishes and cuisines, seek deals on popular restaurants and reorder preferred meals. The feature will also make it simple for consumers to plan meals, find sales on grocery items and quickly order recipe ingredients without breaking their budgets.
  • Sales Aisle: With this feature, customers will be able to quickly access a curated selection of the best ways to save near them. The Sales Aisle offers promos and deals in one space, so users don’t have to conduct long searches through the app.

“Our grocery experience is rooted in product innovation that makes consumer shopping more convenient, intuitive and reliable, all with one goal of making shopping for groceries as effortless as ordering from a restaurant on Uber Eats,” noted San Francisco-based Uber, which is used by more than 137 million people each month worldwide. “Whether it’s features like group grocery ordering or add-ons at checkout (or the new products we’re unveiling this week), our product experience brings must-have grocery features and functionalities for merchants, consumers and couriers to make it easier than ever to get whatever you need when you need it, making shopping for groceries seamless.”

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