U-Link Curve Merchandiser...

Get your floral department ready to bloom

Spring is about to sprung! Looking to give your floral department a more vibrant and contemporary look? Then you need to take a look at the U-Link Curve Merchandiser, an unique and novel fixture to merchandise your flowers in many areas of your stores. The rounded design blends in nicely with the lovely look of flowers to create a more charming environment and to make people grab that bouquet faster. The U-Link Curve can be used as a single unit, two pieces or four units together to build the display that best suits your needs and fits your space. The unit has an ample, two tiered space for merchandising in both levels and it is easy to access from any angle. The U-Link Curve is made of strong plastic material to resist the impact of carts and leaves no unsightly skid marks on the floor. Its smooth edge makes it safe for customers to walk around and for employees to handle when setting up and dismantling. The single pieces of the U-Link Curve easily snap in and out, making it almost labor free and no hardware is ever necessary. Use the U-Link Curve to create dazzling outdoor displays that will set the stage for what your customers will find “in-store”

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