TWIG Podcast: Why Schnucks Has a ‘Dare to Be Bad’ Attitude

Executives share how associates who bring their whole self to the workplace become better leaders

Mary Moorkamp, chief legal and external affairs officer and corporate secretary for Schnuck Markets, Inc., and Stacy Brandt, VP of operations for Schnucks, are passionate about not having a piecemeal approach to work and life. They are advocates for bringing our whole self to the workplace – utilizing both our personal self and work self. 

As Stacy explains, segregating the pieces of our lives from each other adds to what can already be a stressful environment. “What we found is when we can bring our whole self, you're more centered. People work better, we get better results, we get better outcomes. ... Because I'm not battling the stress of which persona am I supposed to be wearing today,” she says.

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This TWIG Podcast episode gives Mary and Stacy the opportunity to discuss the concept behind “dare to be bad,” sharing ways of how the “messiness” in their personal lives has made them more resourceful – and better leaders – at work.

Get inspired by their powerful message that goes beyond the typical discussion of a work-life balance. “Dare to be bad,” says Mary. “I don't have to be perfect at everything because then I'm not good at anything. There are parts of my life that I'm proud to be bad at.”

Hear how this attitude of bringing our whole self to work fits perfectly with Schnucks’ own commitment of nourishing peoples’ lives.  


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