TWIG Podcast: Save Mart Explores the Fashionable Side of Grocery

Senior manager for in-store environment reveals how her design background helps create beautiful store and corporate office environments

Progressive Grocer chats with Rosalind Campbell, senior manager of in-store environment at The Save Mart Companies, for the this episode of the TWIG Podcast. 

Although Rosalind’s journey to the grocery industry wasn’t a traditional one — first starting out in fashion design — she quickly found her forte in visual merchandising. She talks about her key role in creating an environment that shoppers want to be in. Some out-of-the-box thinking leads her team to build concepts that might not be typical for a grocery setting, like a produce stall in the company’s flagship store in Modesto, Calif., that connects both the company’s and community’s roots in agriculture. Or telling local producers’ stories using a store-within-a-store format. 

Rosalind has also applied her eye for innovative style to update the corporate environment at The Save Mart’s office in Modesto, which was built in the late ‘80s. Rosalind reveals how she and her team created a brighter and more comfortable setting to inspire associates while instilling the company’s passion for food into the design concept. 

We also get a glimpse into a key community initiative for Save Mart. Rosalind talks about the development of a grocery store exhibit at the local children museum. Modeled off of the company's Modesto flagship store, the Valley Proud Exhibit features an immersive experience, even including private label products. The company is in the midst of integrating educational aspects as well, like teaching children how to make healthy meals and using math skills when creating a grocery list. 

Listen to this episode and also get a sneak peek into Save Mart's upcoming new stores and remodels!


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