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Top Women in Grocery Video: A Fireside Chat on Holiday Trends

Circana's Joan Driggs and Tops Friendly Markets' Kristen Hanson talk all about holiday trends and ways to meet shopper needs in another unusual year
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and also one of the busiest for grocers. But will this be a wonderful selling season, given ongoing inflation in food and beverage and a lull in consumer confidence? In this podcast, TWIG winners Joan Driggs, VP of content and thought leadership at Circana, and Kristen Hanson, group VP of center store, own brands and pharmacy at Tops Friendly Markets, weigh in on holiday trends, sharing data and examples of how consumer wariness is affecting behaviors and how food retailers can effectively merchandise offerings to keep up sales momentum.

For instance, even though supply chain problems are not as acute as recent years, shoppers are stocking up early on some holiday essentials to make sure they have enough on hand. They are also buying a combination of ingredients for from-scratch recipes and prepared foods that will help save time in the kitchen, so they can enjoy time with guests and loved ones.

Looking ahead, Joan and Kristen share their projections for early 2024, with the climate of caution expected to continue. In the spirit of the season, they also dish on what’s on their own holiday menu with family and friends.

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