Tochi Salmon Chips

Tochi Snacks Salmon Chips Main Image

Upcycled Tochi Salmon Chips, made with sustainably sourced salmon skin from the coasts of Norway and England, come in four savory iconic Asian flavors – Salted Egg, Korean BBQ, Sriracha, and Thai Lime & Herb – all boasting healthy nutrients. Salmon skins are a popular snack throughout Southeast Asia, but despite the fact that Asians now make up approximately 6% of the U.S. population, well-known flavors from different parts of Asia are still underrepresented at mass retail – a situation that Tochi Snacks aims to remedy, The brand’s founders aspire to break out of the “ethnic aisle” at traditional food retailers and normalize Asian-inspired flavors by making them more accessible for consumers. A 0.9-ounce bag of any of the snack line’s umami-packed flavors retails for a suggested price range of $3-$4.



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