Tingly Ted’s

Tingly Ted's Hot Sauce Main Image

The Kraft Heinz Co. has joined forces with chart-topping musician Ed Sheeran on “the ultimate” hot sauce under the Tingly Ted’s brand. Tingly Ted’s is the latest insight-led innovation from Kraft Heinz as it continues to grow its Taste Elevation platform worldwide, expanding into different categories and channels to fuel its transformation. Having already worked with Kraft Heinz on previous collaborations involving Heinz ketchup, Sheeran, a self-described sauce fanatic who carries a bottle of the stuff in his suitcase whenever he travels, sought out the company’s expertise to create a unique hot sauce. The resulting product comes in two flavors, Tingly Sauce and an Xtra Tingly variant, both made using red jalapeños and capsicum chilies. Named after Sheeran’s childhood moniker, the sauce line promises to propel Kraft Heinz’s Taste Elevation strategy forward into the ever-expanding hot sauce category, which is expected to grow at a rate of 6.3% to $5.4 billion in 2027. A 248-milliliter (approximately 8-ounce) bottle of either variety will retail for a suggested $6.49. Tingly Ted’s is slated to roll out globally through 2023. 

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