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Thor’s Skyr Lactose-Free Skyr

Updated formula contains more protein per serving, no added sugar
Thor's Skyr Lactose-Free Main Image

American-made, Icelandic-inspired Thor’s Skyr introduced a lactose-free version with more protein per serving, along with three additional flavors, at the recent Natural Products Expo East trade show, which ran Sept 20-23 in Philadelphia. The updated formula enables dairy and nondairy consumers alike to receive the nutritional benefits of this yogurt cousin made from cow’s milk, while also making it easier to digest and to maintain lower blood sugar levels. Thor’s Skyr’s lactose-free formulation is also naturally sweeter, so there’s no need for added sugar in the brand’s vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavors, as well as in the three other flavors debuting this fall: coconut, key lime and coffee. As for the protein content, a 6-ounce cup now offers a whopping 21 grams, while the flavored varieties contain 18 grams – particularly significant as other skyr brands are reformulating their recipes to offer less protein per serving. The suggested retail price per cup is $2.29.


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