Thank You! An Open Letter to America’s Food Retailers

Thank You! An Open Letter to America’s Food Retailers
Throughout its 98-year history, Progressive Grocer and the industry we proudly serve have witnessed some dark days and challenging times. There were wars that caused untold suffering and loss of life, a civil rights movement that changed society, terrorist attacks that shattered our sense of security and a massive financial crisis that tested our economy in ways not seen since shortly after Progressive Grocer was founded.
Through all of these challenges and the disruptive impact they had on American life, the food retailing industry stood tall. It coped with each new challenge, adapted and fulfilled its unique role in the fabric of society, serving as an anchor of normalcy at times when life was anything but.
Now is another one of those times. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the nation’s retailers of food and consumer goods have performed in remarkable ways, stepping up when others stepped back. There are countless stories of grocers, suppliers and their employees meeting new operational challenges head-on and developing innovative solutions to serve shoppers even as they had to implement measures to ensure the safety of their own employees. In short, an exceptional industry continued to demonstrate its resiliency when faced with a public health crisis that warranted a presidential declaration of a national emergency. Our industry your industry has risen to the challenge once again to help Americans carry on through a situation that is different from anything that has come before.
And so it is with the utmost sincerity that we offer our admiration, respect, encouragement and support in whatever form that may take in the weeks and months ahead. Progressive Grocer is here for you.
The entire Progressive Grocer team thanks you for making a difference in the lives of Americans every day, in good times, but most important, when circumstances beyond our control create new and unpredictable challenges.
We’ll get through this together and be even stronger in the years ahead.
Your Progressive Grocer team
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