COVID-19: How Is It Affecting Your Retail Operations?

COVID-19: How Is It Affecting Your Retail Operations?

Progressive Grocer wants to hear your experiences in dealing with the impact of the coronavirus across your operation.

COVID-19 is disrupting every aspect of the U.S. economy, and grocery is no exception. Consumers are changing how they live and work, and retailers are scrambling to adjust. Government recommendations and regulations continue to change the business landscape almost every day.

With this unprecedented public health crisis unfolding, Progressive Grocer would like to give our readers the opportunity to share your own first-hand perspective on COVID-19. We encourage you to take a moment of your time and answer a quick, four-question survey to gauge how COVID-19 is affecting retailers in the areas of supply chain fulfillment, store operations, workforce management and revenue. 

We will share results and insights from the survey on our website on Monday, March 23. Please share your valuable experience with the industry and help your fellow retailers survive and thrive in this uniquely challenging environment. We are all in this together.

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