Tetley Super Teas

Said to help promote balanced lifestyle

Montvale, N.J.-based Tetley USA has added a new line called Tetley Super Teas, blended with dietary ingredients to help promote a balanced lifestyle. With several infused with essential vitamins, including vitamins, C, B6 and B7, varieties include: Green Immunity, smooth green tea combined with lemon, vitamin C and honey that supports the normal immune system function; Herbal Immunity, a peach-and-orange infusion blended with vitamin C that helps support immune systems; Green Metabolism, tropical green tea fused with mango, pineapple and vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism; Herbal Metabolism, a blueberry and raspberry infusion combined with vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism; Glow, a green tea with pineapple and citrus that is infused with vitamin B7 to help maintain normal skin and hair growth; and Focus, black tea blended with sweet vanilla and a boost of added caffeine equivalent to the contents of one cup of coffee, helping to increase alertness and concentration. The line contains natural flavors and 20 staple and tag-free bags per box. SRP is $2.99-$3.99 per box.

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