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Sustainable Biobased Produce Packaging

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is the ideal material for produce bags and other packaging. It is a next-generation open mesh nonwoven made with resins derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane. It’s strong, breathable, and has unique properties that extend shelf-life and reduce produce shrinkage. Its balanced tear resistance helps it stand up to any application, and it has a unique appearance — making your product stand out. As shown on its USDA BioPreferred® Product label, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is derived from 96% plant-based materials instead of petroleum, it is 100% recyclable, and is kinder to nature than petroleum-based materials. Its open mesh architecture also allows delicate and perishable items such as produce to breathe. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ excels in ease of processing and handling. It can be used by itself as an open mesh and can be heat sealed or sewn into bags and many other packaging applications. It is used to reinforce paper, film, foil and nonwovens in a variety of lamination processes including thermal, extrusion and adhesive lamination. Visit JX Nippon ANCI and see CLAF® Bio Fabric™ in person at the PMA Fresh Summit in booth 2925 or visit our website for more information.


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