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St Dalfour SuperFruits Spreads

Famous French brand offers blend of tradition and on-trend healthful ingredients
St Dalfour SuperFruits Line Main Image

Incorporating exotic fruit flavors from around the globe, St Dalfour SuperFruits, the latest from a brand well known for its quality fruit spreads and 100% fruit ingredients, offers an additional focus on healthful ingredients, from Amazonian fruits such as açaí and acerola, to Himalayan goji berries and nutrient-dense chia seeds. As with all of St Dalfour’s spreads, each SuperFruits variety is crafted near Bordeaux, France, with grapes providing the natural sweetener, and no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors. The four flavors in the line blend St Dalfour’s classic premium fruits with trending high-antioxidant powerhouses: Blueberry & Açaí, Black Cherry & Acerola, Strawberry & Goji, and Apricot & Chia. A 6-ounce jar of any variety of St Dalfour SuperFruits retails for a suggested $4.99.


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