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Two thousand nine will feature one of the most exciting series of introductions of new products from Kellogg’s in recent memory. Designed to focus new energy on key areas, these innovations will offer consumers proven brands with the most sought-after ingredients and most popular flavors to help increase sales and profits in the most important center store categories.

Success begins with great research.
Kellogg’s is all about innovation. According to IRI InfoScan data, for example, from nineteen ninety-nine to two thousand eight, Kellogg’s has been responsible for nearly forty percent of new item initiatives in the ready-to-eat cereals category. The secret to this success has been Kellogg’s ability to leverage the existing strength of some of the industry’s most powerful, most popular brands with an investment in breakthrough innovations based on strong consumer research. This research has helped identify key consumer needs as they have evolved over the last decade. The net result has been a record of sustainable, long-term growth that has made Kellogg’s the brand retailers continue to rely on for strong sales and increased profits.

Here’s a sampling of some of this year’s most exciting innovations …

Special K Blueberry - Real blueberry pieces baked into every flake brings a new option for those taking the SK Challenges by offering a unique variety for weight managers.

Multi-Grain Jumbo Krispies - A new blend of rice, corn, wheat and oats with a honey flavor, Jumbo Krispies are three times larger than regular Rice Krispies, so they’re easier to eat as a snack.

Eggo Bake Shop Twists - Prepared quickly in a microwave, these soft pull-apart pastries with real strawberry or apple fruit filling provide powerful taste appeal together with fewer calories, less total fat and zero trans fats when compared to the competition.

Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake and Mayan Harvest Bake - These products meet the demand for “authentic” offerings that have helped natural organic entrées grow more than sixteen percent, while mainstream entrée growth has actually slipped half a percent.

Special K Crackers and Special K Crackers On the Go - Low-fat multi-grain and Italian tomato and herb “better for you” snack crackers leverage the well-established “power of K” in the cracker aisle.

Scrabble Junior Cheez-It - Popular Cheez-It crackers imprinted with all twenty-six letters of the alphabet and a game board on the back panel encourages multiple purchases by offering three different back panels.

All-Bran Rolled Fiber Wafers - The lightly sweetened, crispy wheat bran shell rolled around a layer of rich strawberry or chocolate flavors delivers three times the fiber of the leading supplement in a snacking option that will bring new users to the fiber segment.

All-Bran Raspberry Fiber Drink Mix - Delivers ten milligrams of fiber in a convenient, on-the-go pouch that only needs to be mixed with water to consume.

To learn more about the full range of innovative products from Kellogg’s, visit http://www.centerstoregrowth.com.

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