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Sparkling Clean + Attractive Ingredients

You know it’s a great product when customers take the time to call or email and share positive feedback. Translation? Put these bottles on your shelves and watch how quickly they go bare. That’s not just some empty marketing promise. We can speak from experience. You’re likely to have empty shelves faster than you expect.

Why are people so excited? They love what’s inside the bottle, and how well it works. We knew our target audience would seek out a product like this. That’s why we put our key features right on the front of the bottle. Non-toxic, biodegradable, no colorants, paraben free, cruelty free, no bleach, and more. Both the kitchen and glass cleaner have a delightful citrus scent that leaves clean surfaces smelling great—not with a lingering chemical smell like most cleaners.

The OhSo Co. Surface Cleaners for kitchen and glass are in stock and ready to ship immediately. We can react quickly to your inventory needs and help you keep your shelves full. Clean up your bottom line with products that move. Visit or call 334-541-4070 to learn more.

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