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Sustainable product grown using less land and fewer resources, with greater yield
SmartRice Main Image

From global rice seed company RiceTec, Whitaker Grain and Agreeta Farmer Network (AFN) comes SmartRice, a rice product grown using more sustainable methods to reduce the use of agricultural resources and provide more rice to meet the growing worldwide appetite, as well as answering consumer demand for environmentally friendly foods. Developed after more than six years of research that enables the production of more rice using less land and water and fewer other resources, SmartRice is grown and distributed by Whitaker Grain, a family-owned fifth-generation farm in Arkansas. SmartRice has the smallest carbon footprint of all commercially grown rice, because of a higher photosynthetic rate and naturally occurring pest and disease tolerance, which ultimately requires less water and nitrogen, and fewer pesticides. Based on the average farm and state data, SmartRice produces 50% fewer carbon emissions while using 20% less land and 50% less water than traditionally grown rice. A quarter-cup serving size of the long-grain, naturally gluten-free rice contains 160 calories; 0 grams fat, cholesterol and sodium; 35 grams of carbohydrates; and 3 grams of protein. A 32-ounce bag retails for $14.52 on Amazon.


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