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SLIQ Spirited Ice

The Jel Sert Company, makers of Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops, introduce Spirited Ice, a new premium alcoholic freezer bar that combines exceptional taste with quality spirits.

SLIQ was tailormade to align with the same drinking trends propelling the hard seltzer space: portion-control, low-calorie count, 8% ABV, innovative packaging, convenience, premium alcohol, and portability. Launching with premium vodka, agave, and rum - there's something for everyone. 

As the leading manufacturer of freezer bars for over 50 years, producing billions of bars per year, Jel Sert leads the competition with its experience, commitment to quality, and unmatched category distribution nationwide.

21Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jel Sert, Is overseeing the new SLIQ brand. If you'd like to learn about SLIQ, please contact us at [email protected].

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