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Shop ‘N Save Operators Enhance Loyalty Program

Several owners partner with Upside to offer more personalized promotions
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Upside Shop 'n Save
Nearly 80 Shop 'n Save owners are partnering with Upside to offer more personalized offerings and rewards to customers.

Digital marketplace Upside announced a new partnership with nearly 80 independently-owned Shop ‘n Save locations in the Eastern United States. Through this collaboration, shoppers can access personalized promotions through the Upside platform and its network of partner apps.

Upside will uses historical customer data to create tailored cash back promotions that are relevant for consumers and profitable for retailers, who can improve the effectiveness of their existing loyalty programs. The company estimates that it has returned $600 million in cash to its users and generated $1.3 billion in profits for its retail partners to date. 

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“Grocers leading the market today know that a variety of tools are required to grow consumer wallet share. We look forward to supporting Shop ‘n Save to elevate their brand loyalty and attract a greater number of consumers to their grocery stores through a measurable and proven approach,” said Tyler Renaghan, VP of retail at Upside. 

One operator said that the program will enhance its ability to provide relevant solutions to shoppers. “Our partnership with Upside is a testament to our commitment to our customers and the values we uphold: we aim for users to shop, save, and enjoy life. We look forward to using the Upside platform to introduce new prospective customers to greater value, convenience, and savings,” declared Tom Charley, VP at the Charley Family Shop 'n Save.  

Upside continues to hone its own technologies. In January, the company launched a refreshed Upside Dashboard with a new look, additional data and deeper insights by region and location, enabling users to learn how metrics are calculated and how they tie back to their business. 

Shop ’n Save is a chain of more than 80 independently owned and operated stores in western Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. 

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