Seal the Seasons Farmer Blends Smoothies

Seal the Seasons Farmer Blends Smoothies

Seal the Seasons, the first national brand to sell locally grown frozen produce, has now launched a line of Farmer Blends smoothies. The offerings, initially launched in the Carolinas, mix the best locally grown fruits with organically grown tropicals like mango, banana and pineapple. Long a staple for consumers seeking fast and nutritious options, smoothies have gained in popularity as a result of consumers’ increased awareness of where their food comes from, as well as their desire to stay healthy amid the pandemic. The Farmer Blends line retails for a suggested $9.99 per 32-ounce bag. A Certified B Corporation, Seal the Seasons currently has 65-plus unique local SKUs available, supporting more than 70 farms and employing more than 12 freezing and packing sites across the United States. All of the company’s products are locally grown and locally sold.


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