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Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® Lighter

Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® Family of Lighters.

Introducing the Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® Lighter, available in Standard Flame, Torch Flame, and Flexible Nozzle, ensuring it caters to all your ignition needs.

The adult-friendly squeeze grip ignition makes lighting a breeze – just squeeze and ignite! Also featuring an adjustable flame, allowing you to achieve the perfect size for your BBQ grills, candles, fireplaces, and more. The Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® Lighters have a visible fuel supply window that allows you to monitor butane levels, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly. When your butane supply runs low, you can simply refill without the need for an adapter.

Whether you're a grill master, candle enthusiast, or a fan of outdoor activities, the Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® Lighter is your go-to lighter.

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