SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring

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Monitor and report on customers entering and exiting your facility with SafeSpace, an easy-to-use automated occupancy counter.

Data is collected with SenSource’s highly accurate people counting sensors. The sensors count how many people enter and exit. If a location has multiple doors, SafeSpace calculates a real-time occupancy by combining the counts from each sensor.

A second, yet optional, piece of hardware for SafeSpace is a display. Using a TV or tablet, the real-time occupancy counts can be shared with customers so they can make educated decisions about entering the location. There are several color-coded display options to choose from to use what fits a particular location the best.

SafeSpace is rounded out with the software piece using SenSource’s Vea Reporting Platform. Data is collected real-time and pushed to the cloud-based platform

Report on historical data to confirm compliance over time and create “Best Time to Shop” reports to share with customers. Additionally, grocers can use the data to help with staffing, helping ease the burden on their teams.

Trusted by multiple brands under the Albertsons Companies umbrella, SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring will help keep your stores open, active, and safe.