Sabra/Fifth Season Salad Kits

Sabra/Fifth Season Salad Kits

Hummus maker Sabra and Fifth Season, a food system pioneer and robotic farming leader, have collaborated on a fresh idea for the produce aisle: salad kits featuring sustainably farmed greens paired with hummus, guacamole and whole grains. The kits come in two varieties, Mediterranean Hummus Salad (6.7 ounces) and Avocado Ranch Salad (7.2 ounces). Thanks to Fifth Season’s end-to-end automated growing, harvesting and packing system, the salad meal kits will remain crisp for weeks in the fridge. Sabra sources chickpeas from the Pacific Northwest and produces its hummus at a Chesterfield County, Va., facility that has earned both Silver and Gold LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The chickpea is a nitrogen-fixing legume that leaves the earth nourished after harvest. Fifth Season’s unique growing process requires up to 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming, enabling it to conserve resources used to produce food. Either variety of salad kit retails for a suggested $5.99, with some variability.


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