Row 7 Vegetables

Row 7 Badger Flame Beets Main Image

Co-founded by chef Dan Barber and vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek, flavor-first organic seed purveyor Row 7 Seed Co. has launched a line of organic branded vegetables, by which it aims to advance its mission to reimagine food from seed to table. Row 7 works with chefs, plant breeders and local farmers to co-select unique vegetable varieties. Grown to support biodiversity above and below ground, Row 7’s vegetables are picked to be eaten at the peak moment of freshness. The following Row 7 vegetable varieties are now available in select Whole Foods Market stores in the greater Boston area, with plans to expand to additional locations throughout the Northeast in 2023: Badger Flame Beet (retailing for a suggested $4.49 per 1.5-pound bag), a mild, sweet golden beet that can be eaten raw or roasted, and is grown in New York and Massachusetts; Honeypatch Squash (retailing for a suggested $4.29 per 1.2-pound 2-pack carton, with bulk pricing to come), areimagined butternut that packs concentrated sweetness, flavor and beta carotene into a single serving, and is grown in New York; Robin’s Koginut Squash (retailing for a suggested $2.49 per pound), a pumpkin with a velvety texture and rich, nutty flavor, grown in New York; and Upstate Abundance Potato (retailing for a suggested $5.49 per 1.5-pound bag), a versatile, creamy, flavorful potato that can be roasted, smashed or boiled, and is grown in Maine and Vermont.