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Roller Track - Improve Visibility and Reduce Labor

Proven system will save labor costs, improve stock rotation
Improve Visibility and Reduce Labor

Roller Track, from siffron, delivers full visibility of products and allows shoppers to make selections quickly and easily. The added benefit to retailers is gravity-feed facing — a low-maintenance, labor-saving solution to organize product and prevent empty facings. Roller Track™ is a proven system that will save labor costs and improve your stock rotation. The system moves products to the front of the shelf as they are selected so keeping a consistent stock display. Roller Track™ will not only improve your bottom line by boosting the category sales — it will also minimize time spent re-merchandising. The rollers are self-cleaning and remove any dust as they rotate. According to recent reports from Nielsen and HUI studies, installing Roller Track™ within a category can give between 3-5% sales increase, and a 20% increase during peak hours. Learn more at www.siffron.com.

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