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Raley's Launches Private Label Organic/Natural Products

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Raley's here has officially rolled out over 100 organic and natural items under the Full Circle brand at 124 Raley's, Bel Air Markets, and Nob Hill Foods stores in northern California and Nevada. The products are integrated throughout the stores, sitting on shelves beside national brands.

Products range from peanut butter, cereal, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, olive oil, tea, vitamins, meat (including all-natural beef and lamb) and seafood (including all-natural salmon and halibut). The retailer's own team created, sourced, and developed the natural beef program, as well as the lamb program, which Raley's says is the first of its kind in the country.
"We decided to partner with Full Circle last year, and in December we started introducing a few products in our stores,i Raley's spokeswoman Amy Johnston told Progressive Grocer, adding: "Working with our suppliers, we made sure we could secure a steady supply of high-quality products with affordable pricing before bringing this private brand line to market. We partnered with [Skokie, Ill.-based wholesale cooperative] Topco to bring us Full Circle, a proven organic and natural food private brand."
Items under the Full Circle brand are also carried at such member owners as Price Chopper, Big Y, Bi-Lo, Hy-Vee, Marsh, Giant Eagle, and Schnucks.

Full Circle grocery items and produce are organic, while the brandis meat, seafood, vitamins and household cleaning products are natural.

According to Raley's, "natural" means "as close to a natural state as possible; free of artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives and other non-natural chemicals; [containing] limited refined ingredients; and responsibly produced and packaged." "Organic" encompasses that definition, plus the following attributes: "grown and packaged to strict uniform standards and certified by the USDA; produced using sustainable farming methods; free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers; free of irradiation, sewage sludge or genetically modified organisms; and free of artificial antibiotics or growth hormones in meat and poultry."

"As we expand our Full Circle brand, we will be increasing the product assortment to best meet the needs of our customers interested in organic and natural products," noted Raley's president and c.e.o. Bill Coyne in a statement.
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