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PuraVida Foods Cilantro Chicken Baja LifeBowl™

PuraVida Foods believes that quick and convenient can also be nutritious and delicious. The new line of PuraVida LifeBowls™ features four nutrient dense bowls perfect for any time of day! These 8.5oz bowls come individually packed with self-venting film, using sustainable packaging made from sugar cane fibers. As with all PuraVida products, the LifeBowls™ are formulated with minimally processed, nonbioengineered, farm fresh ingredients and clean label seasonings free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. 

PuraVida Foods utilizes a proprietary cryogenic freezing process that preserves the colors, textures, nutrients, and flavors you expect from farm fresh ingredients into convenient ready-to-use frozen meals. 

Our Cilantro Chicken Baja Bowl™ featured in this month’s Editor’s Picks is comprised of antibiotic-free, free range chicken breast, organic cilantro lime rice, organic tri-color quinoa, organic millet, organic black beans, flame grilled sweet corn, fire roasted poblano peppers, organic avocado and roasted pepitas dressed with a roasted tomato Chile sauce. 

PuraVida Foods is a brand focused on bringing consumers health-conscious products inspired by diverse culinary flavors from around the world. Many of the products are Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Organic, and/or Vegan. We invite you to try the PuraVida difference! 

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