07/19/2023, Vibenomics Partner to Improve In-Store Retail Media

Location analytics provide richer information for targeted deployments
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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Placer_logo_ai and Vibenomics are pooling resources to improve the reach of in-store retail media.

Location analytics and marketing intelligence platform and in-store digital ad provider Vibenomics are teaming up to better measure the impact of in-store retail media. The companies are embarking on a new partnership as retail media becomes a more common tool used by grocers and CPGs.

Through the collaboration, Vibenomics will leverage’s in-store visitation data to create relevant and accurate solutions for audio and display advertising inside physical stores. 

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"’s advanced location analytics and foot traffic insights are a valuable addition to our retail media solutions, as we now offer our clients a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and preferences,” said Paul Brenner, SVP of retail media and partnerships at Vibenomics, a Mood Media Co. "The combination of Vibenomics in-store audio and display solutions with Placer's insights and analytics will empower retailers and brands to make informed, effective advertising decisions that yield better results."

Dan Hight, VP of channel partnerships at, said that pooling resources will ultimately help all stakeholders achieve their goals, from shoppers to grocers to suppliers. “The increasing emphasis on retail media within the physical retail landscape underscores the significant potential it offers to those marketing or selling products in-store,” Hight said. “By combining accurate and dependable measurement and analytics capabilities with leading solution providers like Vibenomics, agencies and brands can enhance their ability to better target, measure and demonstrate the impact and value of in-store media within their comprehensive retail media strategies.” 

At the recent GroceryTech event in Cincinnati, presented by Progressive Grocer and sister publication RIS News,’s head of analytical research R.J. Hottovy noted that retail media networks are among the grocery industry’s key advances this year. “A lot of people are seeing the opportunity with retail media, like digital display ads. But it’s one thing to say you want to get into real media and it’s another thing to implement and apply it,” he noted. “As a result, you want to be able to be out there with your potential advertising partners and say, ‘Here is how we can tailor the program to get people interested in your brand?’ or whatever it might be.”

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