Pearson Fresh Ramen

Pearson Fresh Ramen

Fresh Ramen from Pearson Foods has upgraded instant ramen -- that longtime college-dorm staple -- to a restaurant-quality meal solution featuring crisp produce and fresh noodles in a savory, authentic Japanese broth. Ready in just three minutes, the item contains fresh-cut Napa cabbage, red cabbage, green onion and carrot, with each broth and vegetable blend complemented by an authentic value-added topping of pickled ginger, seaweed or mushroom. The line comes in five varieties that embody traditional ramen styles: Tonkotsu Pork (7.5 ounces), Spicy Sesame (7.5 ounces), Ginger Beef (7.5 ounces), Miso (8 ounces) and Tokyo Chicken (7 ounces). The suggested retail price range per bowl is $4.99-$5.99.

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