Outstanding Cheese Balls

Outstanding Cheese Balls Main Image

Already known for its Pig Out Crunchies (formerly known as Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds) and Outstanding Puffs, plant-based food company Outstanding Foodshas now launched Outstanding Cheese Ballsproduct line. Described as the first dairy-free cheese ball option on the market, the snack contains 4 grams of protein and 20 vitamins and minerals per serving, among them iron, zinc, B12, B6, and vitamins D, E, and A. The dairy-, soy- and trans fat-free; vegan; kosher; and non-GMO snack, crafted by Dave Anderson, former executive chef at Beyond Meat, comes in four flavors: Chedda, Bacon Chedda, Jalapeno Chedda and Garlic Parmesan.A full-size 3-ounce bag of any flavor retails for a suggested $4.49, while a snack-sized 1.25-ounce bag of any flavor goes for a suggested $2.49. In the wake of the launch, Outstanding Foods will unveil an updated look, including a refreshed logo and clean, colorful, bold packaging for its other snack lines.



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