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Orinoco Coffee & Tea, Freshly Roasted Daily, Locally Owned, Globally Sourced

Orinoco Coffee & Tea

25 Years of Orinoco Coffee and Tea began in 1909 when Leonardo, great-grandfather to owners Pedro and Juan-Carlos Ramirez, began to develop his coffee farms in Venezuela. Little did he know he was developing roots that would last for generations.

In 1982, the brothers ventured to America. However, they never forgot their roots and began to explore starting a company that would pull from their family’s history and expertise. Thus, Orinoco Coffee and Tea was born in October 1996, named for the river that runs through their homeland.

From the beginning, they focused on forming long lasting relationships within the coffee community. Engaging in practices that promote ecological sustainability and responsibility both locally and globally. 

Orinoco grew quickly, freshly roasting globally sourced beans on demand. Private labeling coffee for larger groceries became an important staple to their portfolio as well. Locally, they focused on spreading out roots within their community.

And the company continues to grow as boldly as their packaging. With new community efforts, new equipment, and consistently creating greater bonds with customers. Quite simply, they are passionately moving Orinoco Coffee and Tea into its next 25 years!

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