North Country Smokehouse Sugar-Free Bacon

North Country Smokehouse has expanded its selection of artisanal smoked meats to include two sugar-free, paleo-friendly bacon products. Both are free of nitrites, nitrates and antibiotics, as well as Certified Humane. Organic Applewood Smoked Sugar-Free Bacon is USDA Certified Organic and paleo-friendly, smoked low and slow over embers of authentic applewood, and mildly sweet with a bold flavor. All-Natural Sugar-Free Fruitwood Smoked Bacon is all-natural and paleo-friendly, as well as bathed in a fruitwood smoke for more than 10 hours for a rich, smoky flavor. The former retails in 6-ounce packages while the latter retails in 12-ounce packages, with each package of either variety retailing for a suggested $6.99.

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