NIQ Reveals Winner of Inaugural Founders Pitch Slam Competition

Event showcases most innovative emerging CPG brands
Marian Zboraj
Digital Editor
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True Made Foods
True Made Foods is revolutionizing condiments by remaking iconic sauces with real fruits and vegetables instead of sugar.

NIQ, a provider of data and analytics solutions, has revealed the winner of its first annual NIQ Founders Pitch Slam competition. Held during NIQ’s Consumer 360 event in Los Angeles June 6-8, the competition brought together the most innovative emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, challenging a select group of founders to pitch their companies to industry insiders and business leaders. The five finalists were Dokkaebier, Lemongrass Farms, lil’gourmets, Root & Splendor, and True Made Foods. The inaugural winner was True Made Foods.

The company is revolutionizing condiments by remaking iconic sauces with real fruits and vegetables instead of sugar. It aims to back traditional and healthy ingredients with flavorful ketchup and low-sugar barbecue sauces. The company’s mission is to create a world where people can enjoy their favorite foods without compromise.

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“We are honored to be crowned the inaugural NIQ Founders Pitch Slam competition winners. This extraordinary platform provided us with invaluable insights and resources, courtesy of NIQ’s cutting-edge data solutions,” said Abraham Kamarck, of True Made Foods. “With NIQ’s support, we’ve fortified our brand story, forged vital connections and propelled our business to new heights. Winning felt like riding a roller coaster of excitement and adrenaline! The $500,000 cash and in-kind-services prize? It’s like a giant jackpot of CPG dreams come true!”

“We are thrilled to have brought together some of the brightest minds in the CPG industry and provided a platform for these innovative brands to showcase their ideas and connect with potential retailers, investors and partners,” noted Andrew Criezis, SVP and GM at Chicago-based NIQ. “It has been inspiring to witness the ingenuity and passion of entrepreneurs striving to make a significant impact in the CPG industry and tackle key consumer needs.” 

The competition provided participating brands with access to NIQ data experts, empowering them to tell their stories through the lens of data, analytics and the NIQ Byzzer platform. Five finalists had the opportunity to pitch to a live audience at NIQ’s C360 conference, vying for the grand prize. In-kind prizes included access to NIQ’s Byzzer Activate platform (comprising NIQ Omnisales data and selected analytics), NIQ Brand Score, NIQ Price Explorer technology, BASES Innovation Measurement services, and NIQ Consultant hours.