The NGA Show to Feature SOFI Winners

The upcoming NGA Show will feature a Specialty Food Association pavilion showcasing the trade organization's 2018 sofi Award-winning products, including Product of the Year Bitter Housewife – Cardamom Bitter by Improper Goods, as well as the award program’s gold winners. The 156 products honored in the gold category include brands like Loacker USA, La Tourangelle and Vermont Creamery.

The pavilion is a new addition to The NGA Show, which is being held at the San Diego Convention Center, Feb. 24-27.

"We are thrilled the Specialty Food Association will be hosting a new pavilion at our 2019 show and will be showcasing the sofi Award winners within their space," said Peter Larkin, president and CEO of Arlington, Va.-based National Grocers Association (NGA). "These awards celebrate excellence and creativity in the industry, something The NGA Show strives to do each year." 

The winning products are selected from categories found in the grocery store and include baked goods; baking mix, baking ingredient; barbecue sauce; cheese; chocolate candy; chocolate; cold beverage; condiment; confection; cookie; cooking sauce, marinade; cracker; dairy, yogurt, dairy alternative; dessert sauce or topping; gluten-free; granola, cereal; honey; hot beverage; ice cream, gelato, frozen treat; jam, preserve; meat, poultry, charcuterie; nut butter, seed butter; oil; pasta, rice, grain; pasta sauce; pickle, preserved vegetable; salad dressing; salsa, dip; savory appetizer, soup, stew; seafood; seasoning, spice; snack; vegan product; and vinegar. 

For more than 45 years, the sofi Awards have played a critical role in honoring and advancing culinary excellence and creativity worldwide. Applications for the 2019 sofi Awards open in February 2019.