NFC Adds 'GMO Guard' to Certification Programs

In response to rising industry and consumer questions regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the public food supply, Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) has added a new component to its product supervision and certification program offerings: the NFC “GMO Guard” Verification Program.

“It’s a logical extension of the programs that NFC already offers, and one that is so timely and sought-after in the natural and organic food market today,” said Rabbi Reuven Flamer, director of NFC.

Added Flamer: “Recent studies show that GMOs may cause various kinds of health problems, from digestive disturbances to food allergies, and that GMOs require more herbicides, which is really the opposite reason why GMOs were touted to be so environmentally helpful in the first place. For all of the many reasons that GMOs raise a red flag, physical and environmental, consumers simply don’t want them in their foods, and our clients want to accommodate their customers.”

To assess a new product for GMO Guard verification, NFC performs a free analysis and then advises clients on the next steps and costs to obtaining a seal. The process may encompass, but isn’t limited to, a request and review of the ingredients, including country of origin and certificate of analysis, in addition to inspection of manufacturing facilities.

NFC’s other food certification programs include USDA Organic certification, Kosher Certification (under the “Apple K” label), Vegan Certification and Gluten Guard, a gluten-free assurance program.

In 2002, NFC became the first rabbinic-led kosher agency to certify organic under the USDA National Organic Program. “Our company is based on the principle that ‘If it’s kosher, it’s good for the soul; if it's naturally healthy, it’s good for the body; and each should have the other,’” said Flamer.

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