Network of Executive Women Is Now NextUp

Organization unveils a new name to encapsulate its experience and solutions
Sarah Alter
President and CEO, NextUp
Network of Executive Women Is Now NextUp

After 20 years, Network of Executive Women (NEW) is now NextUp. 

We are women and allies. We are today’s mentors and tomorrow’s rising stars. We are business leaders driving change. And we know that workplace equity can’t wait.

Our members and partners are a collective force for progress, eliminating barriers for women in the workplace, championing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives, and transforming our organizations.

As the world continues to change, our solutions and benefits have adapted to promote allyship, better support the needs of women of color, and transform corporate cultures. We are committed to diversifying our community across gender identity, ethnicity, age and industry to ensure that everyone feels they belong with NextUp.

Our new name encapsulates the experience and solutions that we bring to life for women at all stages of their careers.

NextUp is here for you, for your now and for what comes next in your career. Prepare for your next great challenge with leadership development, support from a network of peers, and nonprofit board experience. Together, we can knock down the obstacles to equality. Together, we can get to a better future, faster.

During this exciting time, our mission remains the same: to advance all women in business. You’ll still be able to enjoy all of the things you loved about NEW. We can all reach our goals when our workplaces are diverse, involved and empowered.

We are leaders. We are learners. We are mentors. We are achievers. We are NextUp. 

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