NatureSweet Constellation Sweet & Seedless Mini Peppers

Crunchy, convenient produce snack offers flavor, versatility
NatureSweet Constellation Mini Seedless Peppers Main Image

The latest convenient product from NatureSweet, the No. 1 snacking tomato brand and largest vertically integrated agricultural company in North America, is Constellation Sweet & Seedless Mini Peppers. The colorful, crunchy medley consists of flavorful red, yellow and orange sweet peppers that hold up more easily to spreads and dips, with no annoying seeds, making the items ideal for snacking as is, but they can also be grilled, as well as used to complement meals and salads any time of day. A 14-ounce package of the mini peppers has an average total price in the United States of $5.46, with an everyday price of about $5.49 or a range of $4.99-$5.99, according to NatureSweet.

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