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Nature’s Script CBD Bath Bombs

Nature’s Script™ CBD Bath Bombs were named the 2020 Editors’ Pick for Best New Product by Progressive Grocer. Judged on the criteria of innovation, impact and overall value, Nature’s Script’s CBD Bath Bombs excelled in each of these categories as a plant-based product. Our CBD Bath Bombs are crafted in-house and feature 75 milligrams of premium Hemp-derived CBD to deliver relaxation, soothing comfort and stress relief. Nature's Script’s CBD Bath Bombs are available in three selections uniquely named after Greek gods: The Asclepius (Heal & Restore), The Hypnos (Sleep & Rest), and The Pasithea (Relax and Meditate) — plus, a variety pack that contains one of each. SRP is 19.99 for each pack containing 3 CBD Bath Bombs.

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