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Moresh Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CHO America introduces Moresh extra virgin olive oil — the ambassador of authentic Moroccan foods to the North American market. 

With over 30 years of experience crafting olives and olive oils in the Mediterranean, we fell in love with the Beldi olives of Morocco, a superior olive fruit, yielding high polyphenols and a beautifully balanced aroma. 

Though 100% Moroccan,  Moresh is crafted to be used for all cuisines.  Cooking with Moresh makes magic in the kitchen. The result is effortless delicious dishes! 

The Hamsa hand symbol represents good fortune and health. It is commonly worn in jewelry and found in homes as a symbol of protection and good luck. 
Our Moresh hamsa logo refers to our antioxidant-rich olive oil and how we strive toward producing premium quality food products inspired by the beautiful visuals, traditions & delicious flavors of Morocco. 

Moresh helps retail buyers respond to consumers’ demands for diversity and hedge against supply uncertainty within traditional channels. 

 CHO, the largest olive oil producer in Northern Africa, is known for its modernization of the premium olive oil industry. 


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