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Milo’s Tea has the #1 selling item in the refrigerated tea category. Consumers know and trust Milo’s to make better-for-you products that taste great.

Milo’s beverages taste like homemade because we fresh brew our teas daily, use simple ingredients and never add preservatives, acids or colors.

Milo’s products are proven to drive growth in the refrigerated tea category, and we deliver incremental sales to our retail partners in more than 30,000 stores nationwide.

Our teas are available in a variety of flavors including Sweet, Zero Calorie Sweet, Unsweet, Decaf and Tea/Lemonade Mix.  We also make Lemonade, too! You can find our products in both gallon and convenient 20 oz. single serve sizes, as well as a new 12 oz multi-pack.

Milo’s has remained a family-owned business since 1946. We are a Certified Women Owned Business and a Platinum-Certified Zero Waste Manufacturer devoted to sustainable practices and the stewardship of local communities and the environment.

To learn more about Milo’s and our better-for-you product offerings, visit