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MELO Sip Sleep Packets from MELO Labs

Regulate sleep with the sweet fruity flavors of MELO Sip. Fall into a deep slumber with three refreshing mixes. Savor the tastes of crisp and refreshing green apple, juicy watermelon waves, or vibrant pink star. Mix one pack of our melatonin dream powder into water and sip to support your natural circadian rhythm. Gently drift into dreamland, no matter where you are, MELO Sip is perfect for travel or home. Tuck these travel-friendly packets into your luggage on trips to aid with jetlag or insomnia from sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

With powerful natural ingredients supporting the melatonin like chamomile extract and valerian root, MELO Sip encourages deep slumber and relaxation with a sensational fruit taste. This bedtime mix soothes anxiety caused by stress with L-Theanine and GABA for an improved sleep experience. Wake up feeling refreshed after a deep slumber with supporting vitamins that rejuvenate and hydrate the body. Add a packet with warm or cold water before turning into bed and enjoy the incredible results. A well-rested you is a better you!

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