Meijer Installing EV Charging Stations at More Stores

1st new stations to open this summer
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Meijer Installing EV Charging Stations at More Stores EVgo LS Power
EVgo stations will start rolling out at Meijer this summer, providing customers with reliable fast charging for their vehicles as they shop.

Meijer has tapped EVgo, the nation’s largest public fast-charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) and the only platform powered by 100% renewable electricity, to install EV charging stations at the retailer’s supercenters.

The stations will start rolling out this summer, providing Meijer customers with reliable fast charging for their vehicles as they shop. The deal with Meijer will add to EVgo’s 800-plus fast-charging locations in more than 67 metropolitan areas across 34 states while growing the company’s footprint and base of more than 220,000 customers nationwide. EVgo’s stations can power all fast-charge capable vehicles currently on the road, including Teslas, pickup trucks and vehicles slated to come to market next year.

As part of its broader effort to promote cleaner energy, Meijer has offered EV charging facilities at select stores and on its corporate campus since 2010.

“Meijer and EVgo share an unwavering commitment to customer convenience and sustainability,” noted Cathy Zoi, CEO of Los Angeles-based EVgo. “Enabling drivers to fast charge while they shop is what EVgo does, and it makes it easy for Americans to make EVs a part of their everyday lifestyle. An EVgo station attracts new and repeat customers looking to fast charge their vehicles up to 80% in 15 to 30 minutes. This new partnership between EVgo and Meijer is a huge win for drivers and our two companies.”

Meijer customers will have access to EVgo charging stations capable of 100 kilowatts to 350 kilowatts fast charging. As well as providing accessible and convenient public fast-charging stations, EVgo will handle the installation and ongoing operation and maintenance of the charging station.

“Meijer is excited to partner with EVgo to bring EV charging stations to more of the communities we serve. Enabling the adoption of electric vehicles is a vital part of decarbonizing passenger vehicle transportation, and Meijer can play a role in enabling that transition,” said Erik Petrovskis, the retailer’s director of environmental compliance and sustainability.

EVgo is owned by LS Power, a New York-based development, investment and operating company focused on leading-edge solutions for the North American power and energy infrastructure sector.

An EVgo spokeswoman confirmed to Progressive Grocer that "EVgo and Meijer are actively developing a number of sites where EVgo will own and operate fast-charging stations on-site," but declined to give an exact number.

Last October, Meijer joined forces with Reston, Virginia-based Electrify America to install EV charging stations at nine of its stores in Illinois and Michigan.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Meijer operates more than 256 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. The company is No. 19 on The PG 100, PG's 2020 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America.

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