Mann Packing Fires Up Winter Promos

In a bid to help grocers score with health-focused New Year’s shoppers, Mann Packing is rolling out multiple promotions in January and February to further bolster sales.

Mann’s first promotion is with Real California Cheese featuring an instant redeemable offer of 55 cents off any package of Real California Cheese with the purchase of Mann’s fresh-cut vegetable products. The coupons will be applied the entire month of January, and the beginning of February.

The Salinas, Calif.-based company is also working with Litehouse Foods to offer shoppers $1 off any Litehouse salad dressing with the purchase of Mann’s Broccolini in February. As one of three cross-promotions with Sandpoint, Idaho-based Litehouse on deck for 2010, the initial effort includes a recipe for Szechwan Broccolini & Beef and 100,000 instant redeemable coupons (IRC) for 55 cents off Mann’s Broccoli Wokly, which will be applied to select Mountain King Potato products.

To support its green leaf, red leaf and Romaine heart singles Simply Singles line, Mann’s will offer 60,000 recipe cards with a discount offer placed in each clamshell shipped nationwide. Each clamshell is hand-packed with washed and ready-to-eat leaf singles, which can be used in sandwiches, salads and low-carb wraps.

Lorri Koster, Mann’s VP of marketing, confirms that the company will be focusing on seasonal promotions throughout the year. “Consumers are looking for value. We want to keep them shopping in the produce department and out of the canned and frozen food aisles,” said Koster, noting that while many Americans continue to struggle financially, “adding value where we can helps their pocketbooks and their health.”

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