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Magic Ring® Filled Donuts

Innovative item marking 1st anniversary
Magic Ring® Filled Donuts

This week, baked goods manufacturer Baker Boy is celebrating the one-year
anniversary of its innovative Magic Ring® Donuts. After hitting the market in August
2018, these filled ring donuts have since been gobbled up across the United States.

The Magic Ring® Donuts are made with Baker Boy’s signature tender yeast-raised ring
donuts, which are then injected with flavorful jellies and crèmes to give customers a ring
donut with filling in every bite.

Magic Ring® Donuts are available in six flavors: Raspberry Jelly, Blueberry Jelly,
Bavarian Crème, dual-injected Strawberry Cream Cheese and Chocolate & Bavarian
Crème, and a new Apple Filled Donut made with whole grain flour. All six flavors of
these 2.75 oz. donuts come packaged in 60-count cases and are delivered to operators
frozen and undecorated.

Beginning in September, three Magic Ring® Donut flavors – Raspberry Jelly, Strawberry
Cream Cheese, and Chocolate & Bavarian Crème – will also be available as fully
finished thaw-and-serve options complete with icing and sprinkles, and packaged with
branding in 6-pack trays.

Magic Ring® Donuts are sold through grocery, foodservice and convenience store
distributors. To learn more or to get a sample, email [email protected].

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